Arthur Dapieve

Na proxima edição do Expert Talks, Arthur Dapieve conta a história do rock brasileiro dos anos 80, em palestra ministrada em inglês, com entrada gratuita e prioridade para alunos do Talk of the Town. Sexta-feira, 18 de maio, às 17:00h. Informações por telefone ou e-mail.

Summary by Arthur Dapieve

” In the eighties, as the military dictatorship was sinking under a huge civil rights campaign for free elections, a new Brazilian rock was rising and finally being recognized as a style of its own within the larger picture of Brazilian Popular Music.

Names such as Ultraje a Rigor, Titãs and Legião Urbana were saying things that were unheard of in the long years the artists lived under severe censorship. They were creating new slogans for new demonstrators. In another front, names such as Blitz, Barão Vermelho and Paralamas do Sucesso were talking about personal relationships in very different, colloquial and even crude ways.

They were communicating new feelings for new lovers. Brazilian pop culture was never the same again after the surge of these “Revolution’s sons”.

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